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Project Referral

To create any project related to software and IT. Sometimes projects are too complex to do alone. With this service, we will work on client projects according to the website you want

Talent Media

Want to participate in the competitive virtual worker movement? We function as a bridge between employers and employees by providing a one-stop platform for human resource management

3D Cart

Currently, the image in existing sales just shows another field but requires a click of a button. With this service, you can rotate product photos in real time, without the hassle of clicking to change the cross-sectional area.

Instan Web

Typically a simple website creation will take days to weeks to complete. With this service, you can create a simple static website in minutes, Just by typing in the required information. You can then sell these services to your own customers to help increase your revenue.

Link Shop

Are you using multiple online shopping platforms to sell your product? Tired of logging in and out just to update info? When you subscribe, you only need to update once on our dashboard, and all linked shopping carts containing the items you sell, will be updated automatically

Smile Clock

A breakthrough in taking attendance using facial recognition technology. The system will be used to scan the faces of employees who enter the office. This service is designed to help boost the national tourism industry and boost the economy

Our Strength

Inovative Products

We create the highest quality products and customer satisfaction is the main thing. Our culture is to continue to innovate. Through a change of mindset, ME will provide the basis for building an Integrated Economy based on a fair share for all; which guarantees justice and environmental protection.

Collaborative System

Our Collaborative Systems are designed to increase workflow efficiency. This system allows for the distribution and exchange of data by artists, designers, and managers. This system is designed to allow project owners to create documents without the complicated technical requirements of the workforce recruitment system.

Self Sustaining Society

The most important component of a truly self-reliant and self-reliant society is an integrated economy, in which our economy is managed in a system that guarantees equal distribution of wealth, makes our world sustainable, with strong social protection.


“Life’s quality is determined by its activity”

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