Modular Economy is an alternative economic system that gives direct mutual benefits (through Splash & Distributed Income system) for every citizen living in a closed environment. We collaborate with non-profit organisations that owns a plot of land, to develop into a self-sustaining community, where people thrive from helping each other. 

Our Capitalistic Economic System shapes us to compete one against another, Modular Economy is an alternative lifestyle where everyone is guaranteed sufficiency by helping one another, replacing an individualistic competitive mentality that we employ today.

This innovative approach will ensure equitable welfare distribution, achieve United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, and foster job availability wherever you are geographically, with a holistic approach to ensure work life balance. By joining / supporting this movement, normal businesses automatically converts into a social enterprise, and enjoys benefit from security and conducive society.

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1. 0 trash, 0 crime, 0 poverty on all Modular Economy modules
2. Achieve accountable society, where people benefit from helping one another, and benevolence is the norm
3. Obtain equality across gender, physical limitation, religious views and achieve racial harmony.


1. Achieve United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) across all modules & nations
2. Create problem solvers, inventors & solution makers that benefit entire human race
3. Guaranteeing self sufficiency of life most basic needs, like nourishments, shelter, clothing, education, power, healthcare & internet

Core Values

1. Inclusive welfare & equal opportunity, embraces disabled & marginalised
2. Reliability & Integrity : Matches customer expectation with uncompromised quality
3. Maintain performance by regularly removing bottom most underperforming, regulation offending participant.

Endorsed By

Singapore Chambers of Commerce & Industries

GBN Marketplace Ministry

1000 Startup Indonesia

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