Regarding Subscription System

Are there any set up fees other than monthly fees?

Depends on your subscription agreement. The monthly fee usually doesn’t include the purchase of a domain name, or custom-built SSL.
The only other fee that will be incurred is when you transfer funds in and out of the Modular Economy Application, which is Rp. 5,000, – per transfer, and this can also be reimbursed with the points (CP) you have.
In addition, if you want to involve an agent to help change some things on the site, depending on the difficulty of the work required, the agent is entitled to charge the repair service of Rp. 100.000, – per work.

What is the minimum Subscription Duration

All our subscriptions will be renewed every month, We currently recommend subscribing directly for a few months. If you renew one year in advance, you will receive a Voucher which you can replace for some services.

What if I say I subscribed to a bronze package, but along the way I want to add a page?

You can ask the agent from whom you initiated the website subscription to upgrade the subscription package by paying an additional fee. This addition must be paid at least until the end of the current active package subscription duration.

What happens if a client's payment is delayed?

We’ll send a message “Your site will be shut down within one week” to clients who haven’t paid for the extension. After reaching the time limit, the site will not be accessible.

If there is a deadline, how many days?

Renewal payment no later than one day before the deadline.

What if a client doesn't pay for a certain month and then decides to use it again? Do they have to rearrange it?

We will only retain your content for one month (negotiable). If the client doesn’t tell us, after 30 days, we will delete all the information on your site.

If client has a peculiar problem, how should they approach for help? who will respond?

The first contact should be the agent they initiate the product / service subscription to. If the agent cannot be reached, then the client can contact the closest agent, who can provide assistance with a small amount of working fees.

Regarding Agents & Networking System

How do you join?

Please visitĀ Agents pageĀ to find the agent closest to the location, and contact the person concerned to register as a downline.

Is this just to register myself?

Yes. One person is only allowed to register one account on one smartphone device. You may not register or help enroll other people. An agent can only have 10 direct referrals. We currently have no network depth restrictions installed.
If an agent is found to have violated the membership requirements, we reserve the right to ban the account in question and prohibit joining for an indefinite period of time.

Do I have to pay membership fees?

To join as a beginner level agent (Rookie) you are free of charge. After you commit to becoming a permanent ME agent, we will set a membership fee, because we will hold regular meetings every month (for example, new agent coronation events) as well as seminars to provide knowledge about web technology, so that agents can better serve potential customers. This welcome package will also include business cards, brochures, and marketing materials.

Is there a target for me how many clients I need to get in a given time?

We did not set a target, whether the number of new agents to be recruited, or how many projects should be obtained in a month.
We will deduct the renewal fee, if an agent does not carry out any activities within one month, if they wish to renew their membership as a ME agent.

What benefits can I get apart from splash income?

Of course you will get training from experts in their fields, especially around website technology & SEO. We plan to have a monthly meeting to provide the training for free.

Do I get a special price if I want to register my business? If so, how much?

You will get a “Special Price” if you subscribe to instant web as an agent, and subscribe to a product / service, around 10% – – (discount because it is reduced by splash income, you are the first agent to get a commission)