Agents & Referral System

To join as a Referring Agents, you need to be registered to an upline.
Please use the interactive map locator feature below to find an agent near you. 

Splash Income

Businesses under Modular Economy System, will be using our Business Model, in the form of selling through a tiered distribution chain (through word of mouth / referral system). This splash income is the opposite of the Pyramid Scheme, where the biggest benefit belongs to a small few top lines. Through Splash Income, Agents who successfully sell products / services get the biggest commissions, and up-lines will get a smaller ratio.

When this Splash Income reaches the very top point, the accumulated Splash Income from every transaction made by the agent, will be distributed evenly to each citizen, as a reward for hard work and encourage good behavior, to create a passive-income society, where one can focus on pursuing individual passion / purposes, and is ensured adequacy of daily necessities. Residents here will encompass all ages, professions, and include disabled workers who are marginalized, and mildly mental disturbed individual in need of recovery.

Distributed Income

To enjoy a part of the accumulated Splash Income explained above, every business owner & citizen is required to follow the Distributed Income policy, where 10% of the income generated through the system will be distributed evenly to all residents, across all modules, to support each other when they are having a hard day.

We follow the laws of the country where each module is built. By participating, we can help the business sector to automatically implement tax regulations, permits, as well as automatically become a good blessing for other modules, the environment, and the surrounding community, systematically sharing your blessing regardless of your profession.


Career Levels

Participating agents will start at the bottom of the scheme, where they can sell our products & services (website subscription, remote employment, etc), earn growth points, and progress up to higher tier rank. When they reach the top tier, they will have an option to whether release their agency status, and joined as a citizen of a particular module, or remain in the top rank as a permanent business.

Career progression level can be seen by clicking the following link:
Modular Economy Agent Progression Level


Benefits to Becoming Agents 

Splash Income Program

We employ a reversed pyramid scheme, so that the direct referring agents will get the most income.

Monthly Company Trip

Agents are welcomed to visit established modules each month, to  see how Modular Economy works

Regular Gathering

To improve product knowledge, we regularly do group dinner at select location, and hold QA sessions.

Health Care

In accordance to Indonesian company policy, all our agents would also participate in BPJS health care

Join Our Modular Economy
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Let’s Work Together

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